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ThEscape is a photography platform that specializes in capturing Indian landscapes under the genre of landscape and astro landscape photography. Their mission is to make India stand out in terms of its beautiful landscapes and promote tourism through inspiring and immersive visual representations.

The specific activities conducted by thEscape involve organizing photography tours throughout India. These tours are equipped with Nikon India's support as the equipment partner. During these tours, participants have the opportunity to explore various regions and capture exclusive images of the Indian terrain. It is worth noting that thEscape has already organized more than 15 successful photography tours in it's 2 years of operation, creating a substantial collection of captivating images that showcase the diverse beauty of India's landscapes.

In addition to promoting tourism, thEscape's photography tours also provide participants with a valuable learning experience in the art of landscape and astro landscape photography. This educational aspect helps to foster a sense of creativity and artistic expression among participants.

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