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About the Founder

Nilakkhya Dutta

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Nilakkhya Dutta started his photography career in the year 2012 with Wedding Photography when he left his corporate job and picked up the camera full time for earning a living. Over a period he developed his liking for Landscapes and it's photography through his extensive travels to the Himalayas. When he began his research on the commercial side of it, he came to know that a structured market for people pursuing this form of Art doesn't exist. He slowly then took up the charge of finding means and ways to uphold this pristine form of photography and at the same time thinking of ways to showcase the beauty and charm of Himalayas and the Indian terrain. Hence he formed "thEscape" aiming at providing solutions to Landscape Photographers by giving them a platform to showcase their Art and find means and ways to pursue it on a commercial scale. 

Talking of his accolades, he has been published by some of the leading magazines and publications of India like Asian Photography, Smart Photography, Discover India, Hindustan Times and Indian Photo Arts. His works on Himalayas has also been featured on prestigious platforms like National Geographic Traveler India, Nikon India ltd., World's Best Photographer's and Artists, 1x and World's Photographer's Club.

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