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The Services

Freelance Landscape Photography Service and Mentoring


Landscape Photography deals with photographing nature and in the process showcase it's best possible view to the audience. Here we collaborate with travel and tourism organizations during their tours or treks and provide them with the service of both mentoring their photo enthusiast participants and at the same time help them with images of the places they visit. The expert Landscape Photographers from our panel join this service and their numbers depend upon the nature of work the clients want or the number of participants. We here primarily focus on Himalayan tourism groups and groups which visit some beautiful natural lands of India. 

Photography and Film Making Services for Travel Groups

A lot of travel groups these days look out for a photography and video coverage of the tours and treks they make by capturing their participant's candid emotional moments during the trip and also a short film on the travel they undertake. Our panel gives an opportunity to photographers and film makers who are both good candid capturers and have a decent hand on Landscapes. Here we focus again focus on travel groups which take participants to the Himalayas or some pristine beautiful lands of India.


Focused Landscape Photography Workshop Tours


thEscape also organizes Photography Tours and Treks primarily focusing on mentoring Landscape Photography enthusiasts through our expert educators. At the same time, the logistics is taken care by our travel partners accredited with the tourism department of Govt. of India for conducting tours and high altitude adventure treks in the Himalayas with a huge experience in the relevant field. At the same time, we offer our participants a book of their own for the Art they create during the trip/trek and give it for sale on Amazon or similar channels through one of our esteemed book publishing collaborator. We also have tie ups here with NGO's through whom we make donations in the backward areas of Himalayas through our participants.

Landscape Photography Workshop in collaboration with Corporate Training Programs

Corporates throughout India focus a lot these days on skill development and in the process hold workshops and training programs for the same. In this service, thEscape collaborates with such units or platforms and provides them with the logistics through our Himalayan Travel Partners for undertaking a trip or a trek to the Himalayas and mentoring through our Landscape Photography expert to enhance their Photography skill. 


Book Publishing Opportunity for Landscape Photographers


A lot of Landscape Photographers of India and outside often desire for a book of their works and want it in the form of a paperback in their book shelves. They also desire for it to get sold to a larger audience depending upon the quality of work. thEscape provides a platform for such artists to submit their work and get their book published, advertised and sold through our collaborator who have been in this field for quite some time now at a manageable price. We also provide expert advise on how to go about it, pricing and some content tricks through our publishing house collaborator.

One on One Post Processing Session for Particular Images

We all undertake trips and treks and with a camera in hand take a lot of pictures in the process. Then comes a time when we sit down with those images for editing on Photoshop or Lightroom and a lot of times struggle with achieving the output we want. Here is when thEscape comes to the rescue. We provide online one-on-one post processing session of those particular images  from our experts. Here we charge as per the number of images our experts help out with  basic minimum number benchmark. Hence one doesn't take here a long session of learning and is able to edit 3-4 of his/her best images with ease.


Short Term Online Photography Workshops on Basics/Advanced and Post Processing of Landscape Photography


Apart from the above service, our Landscape Photography experts also provide short term courses on basics and advanced level of Landscape Photography along with sessions on Post Processing.

Selling Digital and Prints of Various Landscape Photographers

Lastly respecting the hard work of the Landscape Photographers they undertake creating an image, thEscape provides a platform for them to sell their image prints and images in digital format to various customers through our portal.

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