Sanak Roy Choudhury

Eminent Landscape Photographer and Chief Mentor of thEscape


Sanak Roy Choudhury is an accomplished travel photographer. He is more inclined towards and passionate about shooting landscapes, urban landscapes, and architecture. Professionally, Sanak is a practicing optometrist based in Muscat, Oman, for the last 14 years dealing with geometrical and physical optics is his daily routine. Sanak has been accredited by organizations such as The National Geographic Traveler, Smart Photography, Classic Imaging, Better Photography, Asian Photography, Weekend Trivia, and His work has been exhibited in more than 30 countries globally, and he has more than 200 awards to his name. He has also completed a few distinctions such as EFIP (Excellence FIP) from Federation of Indian Photography and EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) from Federation international de L’art Photographique (Brussels), which is recognized by UNESCO. According to Sanak, travelling, especially travelling to a new country, is a wonderful component of the human experience. His fascination with urban landscapes has taken him to 12 countries globally, till date. He believes urban landscape photography is one of the best ways to document our experiences when visiting new places with our viewfinder. The array of so many colors, symbols, architecture, etc., may overwhelm our senses with joy and the possibility exists that one can miss a lot if the scene is not captured properly with a camera, to be enjoyed later. To Sanak, photography education plays a vital role in his endeavor to create a shared learning platform. He is convinced that photography, in addition to being taught, must be transmitted. It is something—a passion, a desire to express oneself—that should be handed down to new practitioners of the art. In his opinion, photography provides us with an opportunity to get immersed in what only nature can give us, and immortalize it to the fullest. In his quest of sharing his knowledge and skills, he has regularly conducted workshops for school kids and enthusiastic aspiring photographers interested in excelling. Apart from delivering his skills in the form of workshops, he is actively involved as a mentor with several large photography platforms and is actively involved in judging, curating exhibitions, and contests.

Sanak's Gallery of Indian Landscapes

Tanay Das

Landscape Photography Expert and Mentor

Tanay calls himself a simple man who loves making photographs and spending time with his family and friends. He considers himslf fortunate to be able to spend a good amount of time on personal projects, traveling and collaborating with a team of rad people. Currently he is employed with Amazon India and stays in Kolkata. Apart from his corporate professional life, he is a sucker for assignments where he can have the opportunity to travel and photograph the landscapes and hence joins in thEscape as a mentor and contributing artist. 


Tanay's Gallery