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Spiti Valley Photography Tour

thEscape announces it's second Photography and Art tour to the exotic lands of Spiti with an intent to capture it's pristine beauty in collaboration with Ongoz Escapades which has an experience of 16 years serving clients for Himalayan trips.

Spiti Valley is one of the most picturesque valley of Himachal Pradesh characterized by high snow capped peaks, some lush meadows sprinkling between the barren mountains and rivers imparting a stupendous soothe to the eye. Considered as a paradise for Landscape Photographers, this region never fails to amuse anyone who comes with a camera and an intent to capture it's enchanting beauty. thEscape understands it's essence and has come up with a sorted well researched itinerary best suited to the needs of any photographer with all the required facilities and comfort needed to carry out the photography activities.

Highlights of our Tour

  • Group size of minimum 3 and maximum 7 participants accompanied by a landscape photographer on first come first serve basis to ensure personal attention.

  • An extensive 9N/10D well planned out trip to ensure we cover every nook and corner of Spiti by not rushing through and hence don't leave out any opportunity to photograph it's beauty.

  • Working on the concept of Travel, Share and Learn on Landscape Photography with Nilakkhya Dutta who has an experience of photographing Himalayas and showcasing it's beauty in the most purest form.

  • We will also publish a book in collaboration with our publishing partner of the works of our participants during the trip be it photographs, a write up or a painting. This anthology will have introduction of the participants and the showcase of their work at an added cost. This book comes out as an Bi-annual edition of thEscape. Participants who pay for being published are given 3 copies of the book.

  • Through our NGO partner, we will be selling copies of the book on Amazon and the sale proceeds of it will go as a donation to the remote backward areas of Himalayas in the form of books, clothes and essential products.

  • thEscape will provide 6 hours of Post Processing Online One on One session to each participant and help him/her with the post processing of the photographs taken during the trip after coming back.

  • We give the trip ex-Delhi with transfer of participants in comfortable Volvo from Delhi to Manali and back. Delhi is well connected with rest of India in terms of flights and trains.

  • From Manali to whole of Spiti and back to Manali, the transfer will be in Innovas car with not more than 4 people in one car to ensure comfort and safety throughout the trip.

  • The accommodation of the participants will be in comfortable guest houses and home stays to get a local flavor of the people of Spiti with food being served in them. We will provide Breakfast and Dinner on all days of the tour.

  • Above all, we will ensure Covid Protocols by sanitizing the cars and guest houses and each participant and the staff giving a Negative RTPCR report 72-96 hours before the trip.

Detailed Itinerary Day Wise

  • 27th August- Day -1 (Friday) - We board the Volvo from Delhi in the evening. Overnight journey to Manali.

  • 28th August - Day -2 (Saturday) - Arrival in Manali in the morning and check in to our hotel. It's a rest day, though participants may wish to roam around in Manali for leisure.

  • 29th August - Day -3 (Sunday) - Drive to Chandertal (Moon Lake) - 4250 meters (120 kms ). On this day the real adventure begins when we cross the Atal Tunnel to reach Gramphu and then head over to Chandra Tal by crossing one of the most treacherous road from Gramphu to Batal characterized by innumerable streams flowing in between. We reach Chandra Tal and stay for the night in fixed tents. We spend time here shooting the blue, golden and night hours in the incredible vistas of Chandra Tal.

  • 30th August - Day -4 (Monday) - Drive from Chandra Tal to Kaza - 3800 meters( 100 kms). Today we cross the famous Kunzum La and then cross over the picturesque town of Losar to reach Kaza. During the sunset hours, we go to the banks of Spiti river and photograph the blue and the golden hour.

  • 31st August - Day -5 (Tuesday) - Today we drive to famous villages of Hikkim and Langza. Spend some time photographing the beauty of the land of fossils as it is called. We retire for the night in one of the home stays in Langza town. Here we catch the blue and golden hours in Langza town.

  • 1st September - Day -6 (Wednesday) - On this day, we drive to Pin Valley. Spend the entire day photographing the spectacular vistas enroute and reach the last village of Pin valley called Mud Village. We spend the night in one of the home stays in Mud catching the blue and the golden hours towards the lands leading to Bhabha and Parvati Pass.

  • 2nd September - Day -7 (Thursday) - Today we drive through from Mud after breakfast towards Dhankar Monastery by leaving early in the morning. We try and hit Dhankar by 10AM. We do a small trek today to Dhankar Lake which takes around 4 hours to and fro. After having lunch at Dhankar, we drive back to Kaza and catch the blue and golden hours around Kee Monastery. Later retire for the night at Kibber Village. (The trek to Dhankar Lake is optional on this day and will be undertaken after taking a mutual suggestion of people of the group).

  • 3rd September - Day -8 (Friday) - After capturing some sunrise shots around Kibber, we cross the Chiccham bridge and visit Chiccham village. After breakfast we start for Manali on this day and reach Manali by night. Overnight in Manali hotel.

  • 4th September - Day -9 (Saturday) - We talk about our experiences on this day in the morning time and have a brief discussion on photography and then take the evening volvo bus for Delhi and reach Delhi next day on 5th September early morning.

Package Cost

Twin Sharing- Rs. 39,500 per person (Ex-Delhi)

Single Supplement - Rs. 54,500 per person (Ex-Delhi)

Additional Rs. 3000 ( For people who want their works to get published in the Bi-Annual edition of thEscape)


  • All accommodations at Manali on twin sharing basis in a deluxe property unless a choice of single supplement is chosen where a single room is given to the participant.

  • All accommodations during the tour in entire of Spiti in Guest houses and Home stays on twin sharing basis unless a single supplement is chosen.

  • Transfer from Delhi to Manali and back in Luxury Volvo.

  • All transfers in Spiti in Innovas (4 persons in each car).

  • All Breakfast and Dinner from Day 2 of Tour to Day 9. (Dinner on Day 9 during transit from Manali to Delhi is not included)

  • Supplement oxygen in the car.

  • First Aid kit in each car.

  • Photography Assiatnce for day time Landscapes and Night Astro scape on all days with image critique.

  • Making participants understand the settings of the camera for capturing the scape.

  • Online 6 hours of one on one session to each participant after coming back.

  • 3 copies of published anthology book to each participant who opt for the book.


  • Travel to Delhi and return travel from Delhi to your location.

  • Any accommodation facility in Delhi.

  • In transit meals during the travel from Delhi to Manali and Manali to Delhi.

  • Lunch on all Days.

  • Expenses of personal nature including tips, laundry or similar.

  • Expenses of extra food or beverages both soft and hard ordered though we try to avoid hard drinks at high altitudes and not recommend it to our participants.

  • Any cost arising out for Medical emergency of any participant.

  • Any cost arising out if there is an increase in the number of days due to unforeseen civil unrest, weather disruption or anything beyond our control.


1. What are the terms of Payment and Booking Procedure?

Booking Amount- 40 % - Rs. 15,800 for Twin Sharing/ Rs. 21,800 for Single Supplement at the Time of Confirmation.

Final Payment - 60% - Rs. 23,700 for Twin Sharing/ Rs. 32,700 for Single Supplement 4 days before the Departure Day, i.e. by 23rd August, 2021.

2. What is the Cancellation and Refund Policy?

  • If cancelled 30 days prior to Departure, ie. on or before 27th July, 2021- Full Refund of Advance Amount.

  • If cancelled 7 days prior to Departure, i.e. b/w 27th July, 2021 and 20th August, 2021 - 50% Refund of Advance Amount.

  • If cancelled between 7 days prior to departure and 4 days prior to departure date, ie. between 20th August, 2021 and 23rd August, 2021 - No Refund of Advance Amount.

  • If cancelled between 4 days prior to departure and Departure Date, i.e. between 23rd August, 2021 and 27th August, 2021 - 50% Refund of Full Amount of Trip (considering the final payment is paid by 23rd August,2021 )

  • For people not paying the final payment by 23rd August, 2021 and cancel their participation between 23rd August,2021 and 27th August, 2021- No Refund of Advance Amount.

Any cancellation of Trip from the organizer side due to surge in Covid cases (3rd Wave) or a Lockdown imposed or any participant testing positive in RTPCR with due diligence, FULL REFUND WILL BE GIVEN of the Advance Amount or Full Payment made by the participants. Nothing will be held upon on our side. Though participants may wish to keep that amount with us as an deposit for the next trip planned by thEscape.

3. What is the minimum and maximum number of participants and what does happen if the minimum participants don't enroll for the tour?

The minimum participation we are looking at is of 3 people and maximum of 7 people. In case the minimum number doesn't enroll, we will not conduct the tour and return the advance deposited by the participants. Also for any number of participants above 3, we would be booking the tour if only we have 7 in numbers, otherwise we would be going ahead with the first 3 participants only. The reason is that we should have 4 participants in each car to optimize the cost.

4. If due to an emergency, the participant wishes to leave the trip in between, is the fee refunded and arrangements made for his/her return to Manali or Delhi

In case due to any unforeseen circumstance, a participant wishes to leave in between the trip, No Refund would be made. Moreover the cost of arranging the transport for going back to Manali and Delhi has to be borne by him/her.

5. What Photography Equipment are expected by the participants to carry?

The trip is characterized as a Landscape Photography tour but at the same time invites are also for people who wish to create some art in the mountains in the form of paintings or creative writing which can be published in the anthology. Hence for photographers, minimum expectation is of a camera, preferably a wide angle lens, a tripod for slow shutters and night photography, filters though optional. Since it is a trip to some remote lands with a chance of electricity being off unexpectedly, we also expect that the photographers get their extra battery sets in case they run out of charge. An extension board for putting in extra chargers would also be handy if participants carry it. For painters and writers, the expectation is that they bring their creative kits with them in the form of copies, pens, painting sheets or canvas, colors etc.

6. Who is the Photography Assist and we see his work online?

Nilakkhya Dutta is going to be the photography assist during this trip and will be working closely with the partcipants on the concept of Travel, Share and Learn. For his works, either you can check "The Founder's Gallery" page for Nilakkhya's work, or you can visit his social links pasted below-

7. Can a participant bring a Non- Photographer Friend or Companion or a Non-Photographer or a Non-Artist Join?

We here invite two sets of people, one who are keen on Landscape Photography and second who are painters or writers as we publish an anthology for them. Apart from these two, if someone wants to join in the tour is welcome because we do a lot of sight seeing too in this trip but subject to the following conditions-

  • No reduction in Fee Cost

  • If they don't create any form of Art, then their name doesn't go in the anthology we create.

  • Photography and Art tours are slow moving as we will stop at a lot of places and spending time on creating the Art Form and the Non- Art participant is thereby expected to respect the time of the Artists and move as per their pace.

8. What is the fitness level required for this trip? Does it involve Trekking or Long Walks?

Any person visiting the Himalayas, especially an altitude more than 3000 meters is expected to have a minimum level of fitness for carrying out day to day activities during the tour. Though our trip is a driving tour majorly and not involving full day hikes or treks, the participant may still have to walk some distance in order to reach a point from the car parking or visiting a monastery. Apart from that minimum level of fitness, it is also expected that any medication to be also taken care by him/her during the course of the trip and carry them in adequate quantities to avoid any kind of mishaps. Rest for a while if facing any issues and move forward at a pace best suited for his/her body. Participants hence are expected to bring in their medical and first aid kits. It's the participant's responsibility to notify the staff of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or disability that may affect his/her ability to travel on this trip.

9. What is the Age Group of travel and Can the Participants bring their kids?

Since the entire Spiti region falls under the altitude of more than 3000 meters ranging up to 4500 meters, it is advisable not to bring in kids and if brought then taking his/her entire responsibility. Further, it's an Art trip with Photography being the primary motive, it's advisable to bring in kids only when they are able to comprehend the pace of the trip and respect the precision of the artists at work. Any child below 10 years of age will not be allowed for the tour due to it's high altitude nature.

10. Will the organizers use the photos taken by the participants or of the participants for Promotional Purpose?

Yes, with signing of the trip, the participant will also grant thEscape and Ongoz Escapades the right to use some of their images taken by the participant and of the participant and art created with due credits to the artists on their Website and Social Media handles. By joining the trip, the participant will also grant the permission for creating an anthology and publishing it in the form of a book by Raindrops Publishers and selling it online in order to proceed the sale grants to the backward Himalayan region.

11. Does the organizer hold the right to cancel the participation of any member during the course of the trip and under what circumstances?

Any misbehavior or misconduct by any participant during the course of the trip like causing distress and annoyance to co-travelers, any kind of damage to property of any supplier or travel companions, any kind of sexual harassment or misconduct, the participant will be terminated from the trip without any kind of refund of the fee amount and also has to bear the cost of him/her going back home. The decision of the Group Leader will be binding here keeping the respect of the group and artists intact.

12. What if any odd numbers come out of the Male Female Ratio while assigning twin sharing to participants ?

In that case, the best possible solution will be given by the organizer and under no circumstance, a twin sharing will be allotted to opposite sex people.

13. Is there any Mobile connectivity in Spiti?

The service is going to be on and off in entire of Spiti. Internet services would also be there on and off throughout. The participants should not expect the same with any of the mobile service provider.

14. How many people would be going along with the tour participants?

Nilakkhya would only be accompanying the participants.

15. Are there any other Terms and Conditions which needs to be kept in mind?

  • It is a fundamental condition that the participants acknowledge that this is a high altitude tour. This requires some flexibility. The day-to-day itinerary is taken as a guideline only. We cannot be held responsible for any delays caused by International or domestic flights, strikes, Government regulations, weather or natural casualties etc. In such cases, we shall be responsible for providing suitable alternatives, which could be decided upon mutual agreement. Any extra cost arising for the same will have to be borne by the participants.

  • If the participant doesn't show up at the meeting point on 27th August evening for the bus, we will assume the participant has been delayed and has cancelled the tour and will be considered as "No Show". There is no refund of any money paid in that case.

  • We reserve the right to revise pricing rate posted on our website, under any circumstances, or on the pressure of various external factors that are further than our control. But, we put forth effort to keep on the present rate. In case of minor increase in price of hotels or other related factors, we don’t revise the cost of the trip, which was already confirmed & booked by deposit.

  • We highly recommend our participants to have a medical insurance and an insurance against any unforeseen event before attending this trip or any trip for that matter.

  • The tour date is fixed for the itinerary and the plan we have made. No alterations would be possible in this with regard to the participant's need. The itinerary has been made keeping in mind the best time to visit Spiti valley.

  • Participants are requested to keep their documents handy during the trip for any kind of checking by the authorities and administration. We’re not accountable in case of any non-compliance if the authorities ask for your document and you fail to provide it. Before commencing the trip, the participants also need to deposit the indemnity bond duly signed by them and show their Aadhar Cards to the organizer.

  • You understand that during the course of the trip certain events may occur, including, but not limited to, accident or illness in remote places without medical facilities, political instability and the forces of nature. You agree to assume all risks associated with the journey to the maximum extent permitted by Indian law.

For Booking and queries, write to us "" or call on +91 9717960028 and speak to Nilakkhya and discuss on the same.

For Transfer of Advance Amount of Booking and for the Final Payments, we will share with you the Bank Account Details along with the contract and acknowledgement of the trip. Lets get it rolling and make it one of the most memorable trip of our lifetime with loads of images and artwork. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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